Wednesday, 20 August 2008

What's in a Name?

A lot of people have commented on the uniqueness of my name (in the UK). Many have said how lovely it is. Mommy and Daddy are very pleased with that because they looked high and low to find a name that both represented my dual heritage and also meant something good. Syon means 'twilight' in Sanskrit and 'gift of God' in Gaelic. As twilight or dusk is the merging of day into night, creating a beautiful time of day, it perfectly represents the coming together of my parents' different backgrounds in me. It's important to say it right though, otherwise the meaning changes, as with all Sanskrit names. You can call me 'Sigh-un' or in the original Bengali way, 'Shy-un', but it should always rhyme with lion. The best way to remember how to pronounce it is to think Bob Marley (Lion in Zion), and then watch my face light up in recognition (as in this picture) because I'll know you're talking to me!


Anonymous said...

What a great name and a beautiful baby. I am a Syon myself and was just looking for the different meanings of my name on Google when I stumbled into your site. Never met another Syon in 30years so it was nice to have seen you :)

Much happiness for your future,





Anonymous said...

Syon Nova Lindsey Was Born
11 11 09!!! Great Name

Unknown said...

God bless you and your family! Your children are beautiful! Came across the name Syon while searching for names on the web... loved it immediately for my son who is due come September. I wanted to check the popularity of this name and came across your blog. Thank you for sharing about your family.